kind words

“I can’t tell you how much I love the photos. (And I NEVER like photos with myself in them. 🙂 ) I showed my friend, who said it looked like an Abercrombie ad campaign, and my father-in-law (who is generally quite sparing in compliments) who LOVED them and can’t wait for us to send him a few.”

Anna Nussio


“I just looked through the pictures quite a few times … they are perfect! Just what I was looking for. You are so good.

I instantly fell in love with a few of the images … they are all fabulous and I particularly love our rock star poses on the bridge.

The whole event was very, very fun and I’m so glad you were there to make it perfect!”

Joyce Segrue


“I had a great experience working with Heather capturing my precious son in some photos! She knew how to set the mood and make my son feel comfortable.

Heather is very talented and knows how to take professional photos with ease!! She is wonderful to work with and has a very comfortable disposition. I highly recommend her to anyone!”

Moira McQuillen


“Heather has an eye for photos like no one else. She is very candid and whimsical. She puts imagination into her work and she sees things in a different way than most photographers. Anyone that uses her for their projects will know how lucky they were to find her.”

Lorna Cunningham


“I have had the pleasure to work with Heather a couple of times. I am a guitar player and luthier and Heather has “shot” me performing and taken photos of my guitars. She has a very creative eye and has taken beautiful photos each time. She has a way of creating interest and excitement in what could be dull subjects. I highly recommend her to anyone requiring an artistic photographer.”

Jim Cunningham